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Thank you so much for supporting our event and purchasing a ticket for the

15th Velo Vintage Occasion & Ride


Saturday 22nd June 2019

"Time to cycle, take tea, converse and dress with style"

We know the following is rather a lot to read, but do settle down with a cuppa, it will help the day run smoothly for you and may even help us.

Q. Where is my ticket?

A We don't issue a ticket as such. If you've ridden with us before, you know the form, so please bring along your Occasion Card for stamping.

If this is your first time, you'll be provided with a sealed envelope upon your arrival which has the schedule for the day.

Q. Where do we start?

A. We'll be starting the day at:

Seaton Jurassic Cafe

The Underfleet


EX12 2WD

Please arrive between 

09:30 & 10:30 am

in order to complete

rider sign-in.

Please note: You cannot park your car here, however there are car parks adjacent to the centre and of course with bicycles, you can park away from the seafront and just cycle in! Bicycles can be parked at the centre, but do please bring a lock to secure your steed.

Registration: As mentioned, please arrive between 09:30 & 10:30 am, during which tea and coffee will be served and you can also purchase breakfast from the cafe.

The Grand Depart


11:00 am (prompt-ish)

When we leave please be considerate of our neighbours and ring your bells and sound your horns as loudly as possible!

Shouting "Huzzah!" goes down exceedingly well.

Once we have left the Jurassic Centre, we aim to cycle as one big group. We'll re-group many times, which provides a splendid opportunity for a natter.

The Velo Vintage Occasion & Ride is a gathering of like minded people for a social cycle. We need you all to make sure that your bicycles are safe, that you are well, fit enough to take part in the event and to observe the Highway Code at all times.

Q.Where do we finish?

A. We aim to finish in the resort's town centre, just in time to watch Uplyme Morris and to hear the fabulous Liberty Sisters as well as to enjoy the festivities taking place on the day.

Important notices and information will be announced via our state of the art, high-tech public address system.

Gilbert, our trusty (& very old) support vehicle can carry extra items for you during the day if you have limited carrying capacity on your steed. You can pop items in (please attach a label) and they will be carried for you up until the last venue, namely the King's Arms.

We are truly delighted & honoured to have the magnificent Uplyme Morris & Band with us for the day. Huzzah!

Q. What food, drink and general sustenance during the day is available?

During the day, coffee and tea will be served at your arrival. Tea and cake follow quite quickly at our first official stop and before you know it snacks will be served at The King's Arms. Please also check your welcome envelope for a rather special token. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

Q. Just how jolly far are we cycling?

It is with deep regret that it seems likely that more calories will be consumed than burnt! The total mileage, subject to weather, an act of God, us following the correct route or you ignoring our guidance and getting lost, should be in the very approximate region of about, shall we say 5 miles (ish). Yes,that's the total, not just one way!

The Inimitable Velo Vintage Volunteer Stewards

These very fine people have built up quite a reputation over the years They're there to help and assist you in any way they can and to guide you all through the day.

You can spot them as they're all wearing a very special penny farthing armband and normally first to the bar.

Please do ask them if you need help and offer a hearty "Thank you Steward" or a "Chapeau Sir/Madam" as you pass them along the way. The day is quite simply not possible without them.

Bicycle Security, locks & chains!

Cycle parking is to say the least very varied during the day. In all cases you do need to secure your bicycles with a lock and also attach the numbered luggage label.

When we reach the festivities on the seafront, the council have very kindly provided space for us to park our bicycles on the roundabout, but do please lock your steed.

Please save plastic and bring a cup or refillable bottle. Water is available at each venue. Indeed, some venues have other drinks available. Please also check your welcome pack for the voucher provided by Ventons Cider ;)of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Please bring a pen, quill or pencil with you.

Q. Is there a theme?

A We're pretty relaxed about the vintage period, as a general guide, we're saying 1920's to 1950's, although really, if you're well attired that is fine and dandy and please feel relaxed about this. We would like to think the day will be a very British traditional seaside resort type of day.

Maybe a little look at this page might help, just click Dress Code

Q What's all this talk of competitions, my steed is very heavy and a tad slow?

A Sir/Madam, please relax as it is not about speed, more about attire and presentation. We will have the following competitions discreetly running on the day:

Best Decorated Bicycle

Venton's Verse

Best Ladies Hat

Best Dressed Lady

Best Dressed Gent

Best Beard

Most Marvellous Moustache

The Best Jolly Good Sport of the Day!

See our competitions page for more details.

It's all a bit of fun really

Q I want to wear Lycra, I just love it! The way it clings to me is ....... "thank you, that's enough!"

A You can, but please cover it up with vintage or vintage style attire. In fact, you may wear anything you like under the said vintage attire, but we don't really need to discuss this here.

Q Can I wear a cycle helmet?

A Of course you can, we don't apply any restrictions to the ride either way, we believe it's a matter of personal choice.

Roz's Raffle is at the end of the day and

we would welcome any gifts/donations,

which you can bring along to the start for this charity prize draw. Proceeds go to a local charity who will be with us on the day, just click the Penny Farthing above for more information.

Thank you again so much for joining us, see you on Saturday 22nd June 2019 on the Jurassic Coast!

Toodle Pip!

Alistair & Sebastian